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Young mung
Young Mung Daal

Young Mung is Mung Daal during his childhood. He was once the apprentice of Lo Mein. He first appeared in "The Apprentice Games," but only for a brief time. He also appeared for a brief time in "The Dice Cycle", looking like he did in "Won Ton Bombs". He also looks different in the episode "Won Ton Bombs", one of the differences is that in the "The Apprentice Games", he has the same color skin, cyan, as he does when he is an adult. He also has hair and a different hat than in the "Won Ton Bombs". He dreams of getting a gold medal and is distracted easily by ladies. He was declared "failure for life" by Lo Mein, until he, as an adult, and Chowder go back in time through an entertaining thought bubble. In "The Moldy Touch", it was told that he was tricked by Funjl to cover the city with mold.

The Young Mung in "The Apprentice Games", who looked different from the more commonly used Young Mung, could have looked different for three reasons. Either it was him at a different age, it was a gag, or it was someone, such as Chowder, imagining what he looked like.


  • He created a funny walk.
  • He thinks that Truffles as an adult looks ugly. (He flirted with Young Truffles.)
  • He used all the wrong ingredients for the Won Ton Bombs.
  • He is an apprentice at Lo Mein's Catering.
  • He only started to love "Ladies" in the episode "Won Ton Bombs", after being introduced by Lo Mein.
  • He had a Dice cycle when he was young.
  • He loved all sort of food.
  • He was SO GREEN! (Or at least that's what Chowder thinks.)

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