Nerdy weirdo

A Weirdo is a human or creature in the world of Marzipan City that has a particularly strange appearance. They talk very fast and usually speak in non sequiturs, such as "I'm lactose intolerant so I can only drink soymilk!", or "I like pirates and movies and movies about pirates". They make an appearance in "The Blackout", where it is said that they are frequently seen traversing Marzipan during blackouts. As revealed in "The Blackout", Gazpacho is a HUGE Weirdo. It is known that to be considered a Weirdo, one needs to possess a license proving Weirdohood, much like a driver's license. Gazpacho's Weirdo license expired in "The Blackout". It is unknown if he renewed this license or not.

In "The Garage Sale", Chowder refers to the customers as Weirdos, even though it's not a blackout. It's strange that that episode wasn't their first appearance. Weirdos may be considered as such because they look like humans, due to the fact most residents of Marzipan City are animal crossbreeds, sentient inanimate objects, or surrealist characters.

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