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"Weekend at Shnitzel's"
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"Chowder's Magazine"
"Taste Buds"
When Chowder & Schnitzel went to a Spanish parody of Chuck E. Cheese's, Schnitzel falls in love with a mechanical woman named Señorita Mesquite then fights a rat over her and then Chowder said if she doesn't stays here then the children will be robbed from their joy. Then children show up on screen and a dog child says "Don't rob from us Schnitzel." So he gave her to them and all he has left to remember her by is her flower. Weekend At Shnitzel's is an episode that aired March 4, 2010 . Bored about staying at Shnitzel's house, Chowder turns into a party animal by going somewhere fun. The title its self is an homage to the 1987 comedy film, Weekend at Bernie's.


  • Carlito's car honks the tune of "La Cucharacha" near the end.
  • It turns out Schnitzel signed his soul to Mung Daal in a contract.
  • This episode features a parody of Street Fighter.
  • Carlito con Queso's is a Spanish parody of Chuck E. Cheese's.
  • Schnitzel daydreams a Romeo and Juliet-like fantasy, only he takes the role of Juliet, and protraying the role of Romeo is Señorita Mesquite singing to him
  • In the beginning of Chowder's day dream, the gazelle has some sort of cell phone and was talking to his wife/girlfriend on it.
  • If you listen really closely, you can here Chowder say "Scooby dooby doo!" when Schnitzel gives him more soda. Kids, You might be knowing that "Scooby Dooby Doo" is Scooby Doo's Catch - Phrase in the end of every episode.
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