Wayne Tootin' is Chowder's alter ego seen in "The Toots". His name was thought up by Gorgonzola, inspired by his musical toots. He was only active for a month before publicly retiring from his tooting career during one of his concerts.

He quickly became popular for how beautifully his butt was able to sing the song entitled, How Do I Say I Love You. Gorgonzola was able to leech off his success, posing as his manager, quickly becoming rich.

While under the name Wayne Tootin', Chowder wasn't allowed to visit his family back at the catering company, or if he was, he was only allowed very brief visits. As well, he was only allowed to consume Tootin' Fruits, the fruits that allowed his toots to sound so remarkable.

The supposed last time when Chowder sang a song with his toots was at the end of "The Toots" when him and Mung shared a toot duet.


Wayne Tootin' wore the same outfit as his normal self, only covered in sequins. He also had a large blue pompadour.