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Ultimate thrice cream is a delicous treat that comes with multiple flavor and jewel-crusted.The ultimate thrice cream is seen in The Apprentice Games (episode).

The flavor's official name is Chunky Lacka Choco Ninny Nanna Banna Berry Swirl.... with nuts.

Ultimate Thrice Cream

The ultimate thrice cream was kept a secret from Chowder by Mung Daal. But he finally decided to offer it to chowder as a reward or more of a bribe if he would win the apprentice games. This, however, did not happen. The actual winners refused to accept the award for the apprentice games. When they dropped their medals, Mung, Endive and Gorgonzola's masters fought for them. Meanwhile, Chowder quietly took them. He thought that they were two big shments and was going to use them to buy his own ultimate thrice cream.

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