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C033S090 034
Occupation Temporary employee to Mung.
Affiliations Mung Daal (boss)
Species Tofu
First Appearance "Shnitzel Quits"
Voice actor (No Voice)
Tofu looked like a mean piece of Tofu but apparently was nice inside when he lost his job at Mung Daal's catering when Shnitzel Quits to work with Ms. Endive. He has a large grudge on anything round, as he was teased by eggs as a child becase of his shape (normally shmegs in the show) about his square shape, and he went berserk when asked to crack a bowl of eggs. Similar to how Shnitzel's vocabulary consists of the word "Radda", Tofu's volcabulary consists of the word "Tofu" (until after Mung Daal fires him, then he shows a higher voice and a larger vocabulary). He apparently has been fired three times that week (including Mung's job offer).


  • Tofu sounds like Droopy the dog.
  • Tofu has the same name as Tofu Town.

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