They look like toes. That's cute.

Truffles, in Mung Daal's body, "A Little Bit of Pizzazz!"

A toemato is a tomato-like fruit that takes on the appearance of a toe. Its name is a portmanteau of "toe" and "tomato," the latter of which the toemato is based on. Their skins are peach-colored, similar to light skin, and they have a single toenail on one side. Leaves are attached to the top part of a toemato where the stem was previously attached. Toematos made a brief appearance in "A Little Bit of Pizzazz!" as an ingredient for a dish.


  • While toematos are clearly based upon the real life tomato, they seem to more specifically resemble the pear tomato, a typically yellow, pear-shaped tomato.

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