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Todd, an undercooked beefcake.


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Aliases The sheboodle
Occupation N/A, now with Margarine
Age N/A
Affiliations Chowder, Mung, Shnitzel, Truffles, Panini, Margarine and Gazpacho (friends)
Family Endive (ex-girlfriend)
Species Beefcake
First Appearance Sheboodles!
Voice actor Eddie Deezen

Todd is a man made of food. He was supposed to be a perfect beefcake (which looks like a cowboy in a pink cake) but, Ms. Endive didn't cook him long enough so he didn't look very handsome. He was in love with Ms. Endive. He's friends with just about everybody, and, as Gazpacho stated, " He's sweet, like a baby. Nobody can resist a baby.".  At the engagement party later in the episode Sheboodles which is where his only appearance is, Ms. Endive put Todd in a heat lamp to finish cooking him, unbeknownst to Todd. When he found out Ms. Endive didn't like him for who he was he became depressed, but still gave Ms. Endive the wedding present he'd made, a stuffed bear. Todd said that he'd made the bear "almost as beautiful as you," (speaking to Ms. Endive). It was then that Todd transformed into the beefcake, apparently his 'true form'. He then said he was through with Ms. Endive, claiming that he needed "someone who loves me for me." He ran off with Margarine, though it is unknown whether the relationship lasted. Todd only appeared in the episode "Sheboodles."


  • Todd is voiced by Eddie Deezen, known for voicing Mandark on Dexter's Laboratory.
  • Todd is the first character who isn't named after a type of food---his type of food however is named after cake- beefcake.
  • His catch phrase is "Sheboodles!".

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