Thrice Cream Man is a living scoop of thrice cream created by Mung Daal to cure Chowder's obsession for thrice cream. The Thrice Cream Man was made with 3 scoops of thrice cream and Larry, the Jingleberry.

Excited for unlimited thrice cream, Chowder became his best friend. As time went on, the more and more the Thrice Cream Man fed Chowder thrice cream, the more sick he grew of it until he couldn't take any more.

Thrice nightmare

The nightmare version of the Thrice Cream Man.

Finally, when Mung told the Thrice Cream Man that Chowder had had enough scoop-in-mouth, the thrice cream creature grew upset about him denying Chowder scoop-in-mouth before flooding the kitchen in anger. The only way to clean up the thrice cream was, then, to eat it all, but Truffles is lactose intolerant and Chowder couldn't stand to eat any more. This left Shnitzel and Mung to eat up all of the thrice cream. The two made some progress before being stopped by a severe brain freeze.

Chowder then had an idea of a way to stop Thrice Cream Man's rage. He went and retrieved the thrice cream stand owned by the Thrice Cream Salesman, to which he introduced him to Thrice Cream Woman. The two thrice cream creatures quickly fell in love.

Soon after, the two married and had 31 thrice cream babies.

He made a single appearance in "The Fire Breather" where he tried to help cure Chowder's uncontrollable firebreathing (caused by consuming a large amount of Dancing Diablos). The Thrice Cream Man tragically dies as he melts away from the flames coming out of Chowder's mouth.


  • Thrice Cream Man's flavor was most likely pistachio because he's turquoise.
  • Thrice Cream Man is the only character in the series to die.