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Super dooper double scooper "Thrice Cream!"

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A thrice cream baby.
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Thrice Cream Babies were seen at the end of The Thrice Cream Man.

Thrice Cream Man was very upset with Chowder and Chowder couldn't take eating more thrice cream. Chowder and Mung Daal made a Thrice Cream Woman and they immediately fell in love and quickly married.

There are thirty-one babies which mean thirty-one different flavors. The flavors of them are unknown and weren't specified. They were seen being put in boxes of thrice cream and some were crying. They haven't been seen in an episode since then, making them all bit characters (seen once).


The thrice cream babies come in many different colors and some even appear to have glasses. They have different unknown flavors and are in light shades of colors like pink (trait from the Thrice Cream Woman), blue (trait from the Thrice Cream Man), grey and more.

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