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Super dooper double scooper "Thrice Cream!"

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Thrice Cream is one of the most delicious desserts in Marzipan City. This great dessert is sold by a minor character with an Italian accent. Thrice cream is Chowder's favorite dessert. Schnitzel however hates it and Truffles can't eat it due to supposed allergies, however this could just be an excuse to not eat thrice cream.

Thrice Cream


In Deadly Maze, a thrice cream sundae was used by Gumbo to lure Chowder into a maze.

In The Apprentice Games, an Ultimate Thrice Cream Cone was used by Mung into order to bribe Chowder into winning the games.

In Chowder and Mr. Fugu, Chowder takes Mr. Fugu to the thrice cream stand.

In The Thrice Cream Man, Shnitzel and Mung create a man made out of thrice cream to cure Chowder of his thrice cream obsession.


Thrice cream is the  Marzipan City version of ice cream.

There are many different flavors of ice cream in the cartoon.


Thrice Cream Cart

Thrice Cream Cart

Ice cream

Thrice Cream Man & Woman


Thrice Cream Baby

Ultimate thrice cream

Ultimate Thrice Cream

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