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Chowder was tounge conditioning because "all the best chefs do it." Soon Truffles comes in, and tells them to get to work. When she got back to the front desk, she made two babies cry, and three people leave. Mung and Shnitzel said its because her voice has gotten really loud. This made her cry and run away (missing the door).

Soon, Truffles finds a place for voice lessons, with two easy steps (for free). Step 1: tell your name, step 2: try on the yellow knob to change your voice. She picked the cute, soft, and calm voice. The costumers were giving because of the voice.

Then Mung, Chowder, and Shnitzel were acting like cavemen. Truffles' yell voice said that the real her has to change her voice back. When she saw Mung mishandling the money box, she decided to get her voice back, but Chowder took the knob. She tricked them by dressing up as a cave-girl. She got the knob and in charge again. At the end, they gave ear muffs for the costumers.
Cavemen chowder,mung,and shnitzel

Knob toss!

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