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"The Thousand Pound Cake"
Season 1, Episode 15a
"Shnitzel and the Lead Farfel"
"The Rat Sandwich"

Chowder and the gang make a 1000-pound-cake for a jerk that lives on a giants head and always gets his food for free.


It starts out as Schnitzel helps Mung Daal make a thousand pound cake. Chowder is kept out of the way because he keeps messing up everything and decides to help and accidentally pulls down Schnitzel's pants. The cake falls crushing down on Mung and Truffles is outraged and explains that if a customer orders an item, he must get it before sundown or it's free. Chowder and Schnitzel go to the customer's house and it appears on a giant.

So the two attempt to reach the top of the giant where Mr. Meany, the customer, lives. First Schnitzel and Chowder reach the butt and they fall and pull the giant's finger causing him to fart. Chowder tries to make the trip interesting by singing a song about dizziness, but his song literally makes Schnitzal sea sick, causing him to angrily toss the harmonica down, only to provoke up more trouble:

Bird: Who threw that harmonica?

Chowder: Schnitzel did.

Bird: (claws Shnitzel's head)How do you like them apples?

Chowder: I like apples. (Bird claws Chowder) But these apples are terrible!

So Schnitzel reaches the shoulders and gets away from the Barking Spiders by using chowder's snacks he brought as bait. They get to the ear and Chowder learns it is almost sundown and Schnitzel is exhausted.

So Chowder wishes to offer his last snack to Schnitzel, but the giant at last talks. The giant explains how Mr. Meany is so mean and never is nice to him. Then Chowder pities him and gives him his last snack to the giant who in return lifts the two to Mr. Meany and it is almost sundown and Mr. Meany deliberately doesn't open his door.

The giant is angry the thousand pound cake is free so he walks to the side of the Earth with the sun and Mr. Meany has to pay the fee. Chowder and Schnitzal are happy they got the job done, but a failed attempt at the high five causes Schnitzal to fall off. Chowder returns, but Ming asks him where Schnitzal is. Chowder says he's on his way, appearantly falling down.


  • Schnitzel's pair of underwear was pink, when Chowder pulled down his apron.
  • The green stuff that was under Chowder's Hat is unknown, it's likely to be either squeezed- up leftovers or some leftover food he keeps under his hat.
  • The creature that was hidden under the door has dark green arms and claimed that "this thing is heavy!".


Chowder in the corner
Holding the cake
Embarssed Shitzel
Crushed Mung Daal

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