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"The Snail Car (episode)"
Season 2, Episode 13a
Production code: 213a
Airdate: July 16, 2009
Director: Majella Milne
Eddy Houchins
Written &
storyboarded by:
C.H. Greenblatt
Darrick Bachman
"The Brain Freeze"
"The Lollistops"

 "The Snail Car" is the twenty sixth episode in the second season of Chowder. It is the sixty sixth episode overall.


Mung tries to get rid of the old car for a new car, but Chowder wants the old one back, So Mung and Chowder set up a race for their cars.


Mung gets tired of his old snail car, so he gets a new one called S-86. Chowder isn't willing to get rid of the old car. Mung challenges Chowder to a race on Salisburry Hill. If Chowder wins, then Escargot can stay, but if Mung wins, then Escargot must go. Chowder gets Gazpacho to drive for him since he is too young. When the race starts, the new snail car goes quickly while the old snail car drives slowly, but Gazpacho won't turn the wheel, but when he does Gazpacho realizes that he is steering. But Escargot falls asleep during the race and Chowder tries to steer the car by himself, but his belly is caught in the seat belt. Escargot falls off the edge of the mountain and is now in the lead. Mung sees it and begins to push a button on S-86 which makes it go really fast and also blows the clothes off of Chowder and Gazpacho even the shell of Escargot. S-86 wins the race, but because it goes really fast, Shnitzel pushes the eject button and they got out of the snail car. Mung says that Escargot must go after he and Shnitzel wins, but Chowder explains that the S-86 isn't coming back. Then we see S-86 going so fast that he flies up into the sky never to be seen again. So Mung has no choice but to welcome Escargot back into the family.


  • The giant holding up Marzipan City saying, "That's outrageous!", is a reference to another episode called Burple Nurples, when he used the same phrase. Both times he was commenting on something being overpriced.
  • Escargo has feelings for Chowder in this episode.


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