The S-86.

The S-86 is the snail car Mung tried to replace Escargo with. He has dark green skin and a racers hemet with antenas. He is equipped with  Neon side lights,dual slug flaps, three snowcone despencers, a gritta trippita cheese tracking device, and a trampoline along with many other gadgets. He never speaks and the only sound he ever made was his alarm when Chowder acedently set it off.

 His personality is unknown yet he seems to treat all old snail cars like dirt and seems dislike Chowder as he seemed happy when it seemed Chowder couldn't win the race.

The S-86 was last seen shooting uncontorlobly into space when Mung couln't turn off the turbo and was never seen again. It is safe to assume that he eventually ran out of gas and plummeted to the Earth to his impending doom.

Species: Snail car.

Curent statis: Unknown though it is supposeingly deaceased.

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