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The Poultry Geist

The Poultrygeist is a Halloween episode. An expired flurkey dish (known as Florentine) possess Chowder. Now it's up to Mung and Shnitzel to stop Florentine before he takes over the kitchen.


One day in the kitchen, when Mung is showing Chowder how to properly squish Squish Squash, objects start to float around and hit people (mostly Mung). Mung believes Shnitzel wants to play Spatula Wars with him. Freaked out by this, Mung, Shnitzel, and Chowder hide behind the refrigerator where they discover an old Flurkey dish that Mung had cooked years ago. Shnitzel believes that it is a Poultrygeist and Mung decides that they must get rid of the evil flurkey. But before they can come up with a plan of action, Chowder eats the old flurkey dish. Chowder is then possesed by the evil flurkey, also known as Florentine, who wants revenge on Mung for leaving him to rot. Florentine then preseeds to do 'evil' (mostly just destroying their stuff or eating their food), but then Mung and Shnitzel successfully capture Florentine. They open a portal to take Chowder/Florentine to the Gravyyard so they can get the poltrygiest out of Chowder, so says Shnitzel's supernatural book. The four of them, now joined by Truffles, then travel down the gravyriver which leads to the Hall of Arobics. They put Chowder on a treadmill to exercise the poltrygiest out of him. They try to make Chowder run faster by holding a new flurkey in front of him, but Florentine refuses. But Chowder's spirit starts to take over and runs faster. He then loses weight, and with Florentine not wanting Chowder's body anymore since it is so skinny, he leaves Chowder and goes into the new flurkey. Chowder is now back to normal, dispite being super skinny, and everyone is happy, including Florentine who is now a plump, fresh flurkey again and no longer evil. The gang takes Florentine home and eats him. With Chowder fat again and everything back to normal, Mung then states that they will never speak of this episode again. Chowder turns to the viewers and says "The End", but becomes possessed again.



  • A poultrygeist is a combination of the words "poultry" and "poltergeist" (which is a ghost that moves objects).
  • The second time Chowder became a monster. The first was in The Sleep Eater.
  • Florentine is the second person to want revenge on Mung, the first being Gumbo (The Deadly Maze).
  • New Food: Flurkey, which is a parody of Turkey.
  • This counts as a Halloween episode.
  • In the episode, Chowder found out that he has a tail, but he knew in Won Ton Bombs (which is before this episode) maybe it was florentine who realized since he hadn't had a tail in a long time either that or Chowder had forgotten about his tail.
  • The Snackromonicon is a parody of the fabled Necromonicon, a book which holds the secret of necromancy and witchcraft.
  • Mung Daal breaks down the fourth wall by saying, "Let's never speak of this episode again."
  • Some fans keep mistaking Florentine for a mutant. That could mean Florentine is a hybrid of a bird and a flurkey dish.
  • Chowder does the Charleston, a dance that was famous in the 1930's.
  • Several elements from the episode are from the 1973 horror film, The Exorcist.
  • Goof: Mung Daal stated he left the dish behind the radiator, but Florentine stated he left him behind the fridge.
  • During the scene were you see the piranhas, you can see C.H Greenblatt's puppet. Which marks the 3rd time it appears.
  • Goof: Mung has five toes when he was teaching Chowder how to prepare Squish Squash. But when he sticks his feet in the air after the fruit bowl hits him multiple times, Mung has four toes. But in The Broken Part, he has three toes.
  • This is the first episode that seems like Chowder had killed Mung.
  • River Pretzel Stix, the river that was shown in the part where Mung and Schnitzel take Forentine to the graveyard is a spoof of the Greek mythical river, River Styx.
  • In this episode Mung says "Leave Chowder alone!" which may possibly be a parody of the video title of Chris Crocker's "Leave Britney Alone".
  • Before Mung was hit by the fruit bowl, he said "...then you squash the squishy..." instead of saying, "...then you squish the squash...".

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