Chowder tries to help Mung Daal make Nomidoes but ends up ruining it every time. After the fizzel spice runs out, Mung sends Chowder to go to 'the cellar', where he discovers Funjl, a mold pixie that gives Chowder mold, saying, "It's way better than any other spice around!". Chowder decides to use the mold on the nomidoes. When Mung sees them the next day, he cries (Funjl lies and says he's crying tears of joy). Chowder decides to spread the mold to make everything 'better', and joins with the pixie, making a giant mold monster. Mung Daal decides to use the Emergency Yeast and becomes a monster himself and fights Chowder and Funjl. Chowder and the pixie defeat Mung and the latter reveals he once used the pixie's 'spice', in order to impress his cooking master, Lo Mein (his name was not mentioned in the episode).The pixie, in turn, also reveals his plot that he'd cover the whole world in mould, not spice. Chowder, now infuriated, beats up the pixie and returns to his normal self, with Mung putting the pixie back in the jar, so he dosen't cause anymore trouble.


  • The battle between Chowder/Funjl and Mung/Yeast parodies Japanese monster movies, and Mung represents the hero like Godzilla or Rodan.
  • When Chowder is looking for the fizzle spice, He walks past a skeleton wearing the same clothes as him.
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When Mung mentions that the only way to get the fizzle spice is to go down the cellar, dramatic music plays showing reactions by Truffles, Gazpacho, Panini, Endive and a robber and his victim walking away during his reaction.


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