The episode starts at Marzipan City Police Department solving who flooded Ms. Endive's pool with pudding, and the suspects are Mung, Chowder, Shnitzel, and Truffles. While this happens Sergant Hogey thinks he's going to be late for his blind date. He wasn't late, and he had thought his blind date was the Sarah Bellum from The Powerpuff Girls, whose face is still hidden by the camera, who, in fact, wasn't. Endive picks Hogey up (with a motorbike) and drives away. 


  • Ms. Sara Bellum from "The Powerpuff Girls" makes a cameo appearance at the end, with Jennifer Martin reprising the role. This is also the first and last time a character from a different show appears in Chowder (series).
  • Sergant Hogey pronounces Endive's name wrong (in some accents, though, it is the correct spelling) in this episode. First was in The Apprentice Games (episode).
  • This is one of few times Endive and Shnitzel's relationship is shown.
  • This is also one of very few times where Gazpacho appears out of nowhere. Gazpacho makes another unexpected appearance in The Heist.
  • Seargant Hoagie must be at least 84 (in dog years) because he says he hasn't had a date in 12 years which is 84 in dog years. Assuming he is 48(in regular years), he is 336 in dog years.
  • Chowder talks about Grow Up, was as in "Chowder Grows Up".
  • This is the first Chowder episode to air in 2009. 
  • Mung appears in his underwear in this episode. The second time being The B.L.Ts and third time The Birthday Suits. 


  • This episode might be a somewhat reference to Reno 911, due to the police being the main characters here instead of Chowder and others.
  • When Chowder confesses just about all the things he did wrong in the past, it was a reference to The Goonies where one of the characters does similar.

Meta References

  • Chowder mentions during his interrogation "and there was the episode where my brain got huge and I changed the show!"


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