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"The Heavy Sleeper" is the twenty-third episode in the first season of Chowder. It is the twenty-third episode overall.


When Chowder accidentally messes up a drink, Mung Daal goes into a deep sleep, leaving Chowder and Shnitzel to find something to awaken the chef.


Mung had to make blormed milk to keep him sleeping, but Chowder added too much blorm root, and Mung fell asleep, and he slept for a long time. Chowder tried every thing to keep him awake, but they failed. And he tries to get Mung awake before Truffles finds out. So chowder and schnitzel went to find cloffee for Mung on the way chestnut finds mung asleep and making his property. In the end chowder gives Mung the cloffee although Mung woke up before that. While telling Truffles the story she got so annoyed Truffles hit Mung with her pan causing Mung to lose conscious and fall asleep AGAIN.


  • Chowder: [Panting] Where'd he go?
  • Gazpacho: Chowder! What is up?
  • Chowder: Oh, hi, Gazpacho.
  • Gazpacho: Hey, so, check out my new button.
  • Chowder: That's a good button.
  • Gazpacho: Yeah, I think so.
  • Chowder: Did you happen to see mung floating by in some dirty water?
  • Gazpacho: Uh, hmm, no. [Gasps] but I did see a guy with two noses doing cartwheels. Does that help?
  • Chowder: No.
  • Gazpacho: What about the lady? Oh! Wearing a diaper on her head?
  • Chowder: No.
  • Gazpacho: Four miniature dogs on a bicycle singing opera while juggling fire and doing math problems? I got nothing. Sorry.
  • Chowder: Drat! [Munching] Nope. He's not in this one. Not in this one, either. Not in this one either! Or this one.
  • Old Man #1: Move your queen there.
  • Old Man #2: Didn't I say I didn't need a blasted hint? Didn't I? Fine, I'll move my queen there.
  • Old Man #1: Checkmate. I win.
  • Old Man #2: Oh, I hate you so much.
  • (Chowder sneaks up behind Mung while he's making Blormed Milk) Mung: AAAAH!! Don't sneak up on my like that! (panting)
  • Chowder: How do you want me to sneak up on you?
  • (Another Chowder pops in) Chowder #2: Like this?
  • Mung: AAAAH!! Knock it off!


  • Blormed Milk is similar to simply warm milk, it helps you fall asleep.
  • Cloffee is a pun on coffee
  • First apperance of Chestnut
  • Original Stop sign.




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