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This episode starts when the Gelato Beans acctually go wacky and turn the catering company into a big block of ice,Chowder and Gazpacho are not frozen so they melt the ice,but fail and then Flazpacho,Flanini,Flendive,Flung,Fluffles,Flitzel and Flate are seen in the ice sculpture with Flowder {both flenguins of Chowder and Powder},then Chowder successfuly melts the ice sculpture,then Mung,Chowder,Shnitzel,Powder,Endive,Panini,Ceviche,Gorgonzola,Gazpacho,Lo Mein,Ancho,the dentist and Stilton run to the lollistops at the dentist's and see Rosemary there. The end. Note:Reuben does not appear in this episode.

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