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"The Garden"
Season 2, Episode {{{broadcastno}}}
"The Chain Recipe"

"The Garden" is an episode where Chowder sees Truffles make a shmubarb plant grow with her angriness. Chowder then wants to become Truffles's apprentice since she made food grow. Mung gets very deppressive and tries to win Chowder back by making more plants grow. Chowder was then eaten by a plant and sent to another dimension where Agubi, a plant guru lives. He said to Chowder that the combonation of Mung's love and Truffles' fury is what made these plants grow in a hurry. So Chowder becomes both of their apprentices. But then, Shnitzel saves everyone from the giant shmubarb plant and Chowder wants to become his apprentice.


  • The plant that swallowed chowder looked like a Piranha Plant from the Mario series.
  • The creature in the lower left hand corner of the screen is driven by what looks like Ewoks from Star Wars
  • It's one of the only episodes with more than 1 song.
  • The song Plant Guru was singing may be a reference to Veggie Tales songs.

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