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"The Froggy Apple Crumple Thumpkin"
Season 1, Episode 1a
Production code: 102a
Airdate: November 2, 2007
Director: Juli Hashiguchi
Story: C.H Greenblatt
"Chowder's Girlfriend"
"The Froggy Apple Crumple Thumpkin" is the pilot of Chowder. It is the first episode overall.


If Chowder can survive making a very complicated dish, he's on his way to becoming a chef. But the last step may be the one that finally breaks him.


The episode begins with Chowder recieving two bags from Gazpacho, and running home with through Marzipan City. them. Within a few minutes, he starts to get tired, then sees a piston salesman. He uses a piston as a spring and bounces back to Mung Daal’s Catering. Meanwhile, Truffles is taking an order for a customer and gets frustrated when she finds out they don’t know how to spell the name of the dish. She calls for Mung to get the order, but he tells her to bring it to her. Chowder crashes through the roof just at that time, so Truffles gives the order to him.

Chowder brings in the bags and the order. Mung notices the grocery bags are rather small and Chowder admits to snacking "a little" on the way home and proceeds to regurgitate mounds of food and a marching band. Mung announces that the order is for a "Froggy Apple Crumple Thumpkin" and, against Schnitzel's wishes, has Chowder assist him. As it has been a few centuries since Mung has made this advanced dish, he decides to consult the Really Really Really Big Book of Recipes; a cookbook about two stories tall, before beginning.

In the first step, Mung introduces Chowder to an ingrediant known as the No-fruit. On tasting it, Chowder complains that it has no flavor. Mung shows that pulling the fruit's leaves causes it to start cycling through several kinds of fruit. Tapping it at just the right time, Mung causes it to change into an extremely flavorful apple. Mung, Schnitzel and Chowder start tapping several no-fruits, though one fruit tapped by Chowder turns into a hideous little monster that latches onto Schnitzel's face. After a brief struggle, Schnitzel manages to pull it off, and it tumbles into a corner of the kitchen. "I think that's enough apples," Mung concludes step 1.

During the second step, Mung says that they have to prepare the meat, which is a twelve-legged cave frog. He gives it to Chowder to put into the chipper-chopper. Chowder pours it in right before Mung says that they should remove the explosive sting sack first or the whole thing would be ruined. Chowder gets nervous and starts pressing buttons on the chipper chopper, and the dish seems to come out okay, until the stink sack comes out also. He tastes the stink sack, but it releases fumes and starts beeping. Chowder throws it behind him when Mung comes over, it sticks to Shnitzel's back and explodes causing Mung to remark on Schnitzel's diet.

During the eighth step, Chowder throws a barrel down a slide and Shnitzel stabs a giant pin through it from a trapeze, releasing a spray of wine into a giant pot that Mung stirs. In step twenty-three, Chowder tries to reach for a high cupboard and Shnitzel helps him; however, the monster is in there, and it clings onto Shnitzel’s face again. In step forty-six, Shnitzel jumps up and down on a bellows to get a stoke up the fire in the stove. In step fifty-two, they all drink juice boxes, and Mung starts choking on his.

On the sixty-eighth and final step, they must beat the dish at thumb wrestling. The customer comes for the dish and Truffles asked Mung if it is ready. Mung struggles against the dish and tags in Chowder. At first, Chowder panics and runs away with the dish chasing around the kitchen untill Mung reminds Chowder that before a chef serves a dish he must always taste it. Chowder turns and bites the dish, beating it. However, Chowder gets carried away and tries to devour the whole thing. Luckily, the dish flees into the hands of the customer and as he runs away with it while Mung does his best to hold Chowder back. Mung oberves that the whole thing went well and Truffles agrees.

Chowder then eats the backround and leaves.

Fourth Wall Breaks

  • Mung notices all of Chowder's regurditating has made the kitchen a mess and asks Schnitzel to clean it. Schnitzel proceeds to take down the entire kitchen background and shake it off, leaving it spotless.


  • Kids: (wearily) Step 68.

     One Kid: (whining) I wanna go home!

  • Truffles: Who is the chef here, you or me?... No, I am the chef's wife!
  • Mung: So I'll need you to stay focused at- Get back over here!


  • This is the debut of Chowder's huge appetite and regurgitation of a large quantitiy of items.
  • Differences Between this and the Later Episodes
    • This episode is presented in a soft matte (open matte) which modifies itself for full screen and widescreen versions like movies from the early 80's to the late 2000's. From Chowder's Girlfriend and onward, they changed to a hard matte meaning that it is only built on a matte for widescreen pesentations. Full screen presentations of these later episodes are in a Pan & Scan format.
    • Schnitzel has a different voice (A little deeper than what it is now).
      • In this epsode, Schnitzel was voiced by Kevin Micheal Richardson (who returned as the voice of the Dread Lead Farfel in a later episode, and Peeking Duck in another later episode), in later episodes, he is voiced by John DiMaggio.
    • Schnitzel's pattern is different. In this episode, he had more lines on him and they looked like squiggles rather than a bunch of lines.
    • Chowder has bigger clothes in this episode.
    • Chowder's cheeks are bigger.
    • Mung Daal had a longer moustache, and a high-pitched voice more like that.thumb|right|306px|The Ingredients.
    • Gazpacho had plain blue clothing in this episode, in the newer Chowder it had a pattern and it was a lighter blue.
    • Truffles had no pattern on her dress.
    • Chowder's ears are bigger. (even though in this episode and later episodes, he was voiced by the same person, Nicky Jones)
    • Nicky Jones was only ten when he voiced Chowder in this episode.
    • The room where Truffles works was all purple.
    • Chowder has more endurance than he does in later episodes.
  • When the clip for the ingredients is slowed down, it shows:
    • Vegetables
    • Mushrooms
    • Acorns
    • Parsley with butter and butterknives on top
    • A man measuring a large man's waist
    • A drawing of a dog
    • Grapefruit
    • A farmer's market
    • A dog on a beach ball
    • A pet rock
    • Poorly drawn pictures
    • Cats playing instruments
    • Cups of coffee
    • A painting of people holding a crab
    • Face of a teenager
    • Bowls of chowder
    • A toy robot
    • A man in a strange costume
    • Dolls
    • A blue ball
    • Santa Claus
    • A painting of a tomato with a smiley face holding a pan and in a jar
    • Sketches of various items
    • A Triforce (From Nintendo's Zelda series)
    • An NES controller
  • This is the first episode of the show which explains why some of the characters have different designs.
  • The acid shooting bug (no-fruit monster) appears again in the next episode
  • The stain glass transition in the opening sequence when Chowder comes back from Gazpacho's was "tricky" for the animators.
  • In the original plot Gorgonzola waved to Chowder when he ran past him and was originally going to be Chowder's best friend.
  • On HD broadcasts and Volume One of the DVD releases, The episode is modified for widescreen, but also modified for fullscreen. This was because it was an open matte similar to certain movies from the early 80's to the late 2000's, a method that was replaced by TNTs FlexView method later in 2009.


Official art


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