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The Flibber Flabber Diet

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"The Flibber Flabber Diet"
Season 1, Episode 7b
"The Thrice Cream Man"
"Gazpacho Stands Up"

Truffles thinks she is fat and decides to make a diet. But the only diet food Mung has is the Flibber Flabber.

When Truffles thinks she got a bit too fat, she told Mung to make some diet food. Mung then makes Flibber Flabber, but it tastes terrible and only Chowder can eat it. Truffles then complains to Mung that "she can't eat it, so Mung will have to make it taste better". Mung then makes lots of food including Flibber Flabber Pancake, Flibber Flabber Sandwich, boiled Flibber Flabber and much more. nut each time Truffles spits it all over his face. Mung then decides to make the kitchen twice as big to trick Truffles into thinking she's lost weight. It worked. Unfortunately when Mung shrank the place back down, he shrank it a little too small and made Truffles think that she got really fat then says they're going back on the diet.

Running gag: When Mung tried to make flibber flabber taste good, Truffles spits it at his face, probably to refuse to say that the Flibber Flabber tastes good, even though it does.


  • Truffles and Mung have broken the fourth wall. Truffles had broken the wall because when she and Chowder were in map form, she asked why are the dots following them. Mung had broken the forth wall by looking at the camera and said "...and get that camera out of my face." Mung broke the fourth wall again when he cut the path Chowder had gone.
  • How did Truffles hear Mung call him even though they are already gone?
  • The show writers originally planned to have Truffles be told by a friend that she was getting too fat around her backside.


  • If Filbber Flabber makes people lose weight, how did Chowder gain weight from all of it?
  • Truffles could have easily figured out that the building was bigger or at least thought she was smaller than the building itself.
  • It is unknown why Truffles said everyone on diet when Mung Daal is not fat.


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