When Truffles thinks she is overweight, she puts the whole company on a strict Flibber-Flabber-only diet for a month, but nobody likes it except Chowder


While coming home from the grocery store, Truffles accidently knocks down Marzipan City with her rear end. Truffles thinks that she is fat and goes into her room. Truffles blames Mung for making her fat and puts everyone on a diet and make it a contest to make it even more interesting. Everyone has to eat Flibber Flabber from a Flibbeas Flabbeous plant. Mung thinks that if they try to keep up with Chowder, Truffles will burn out on the Flibber Flabber and will have to call off the diet. They begin to eat the Flibber Flabber, but the Flibber Flabber tastes bad to everyone except for Chowder. Truffles commands Mung to make the Flibber Flabber taste better. Mung has tried everything to make the Flibber Flabber tastes better, but it still tastes nasty. Chowder has gotten big from eating the Flibber Flabber that Mung feeds him and puts on his "emergency big boy shirt" which gives Mung an idea. Mung sends Truffles and Chowder out for shopping while he and Shnitzel rebuilts the kitchen to trick Truffles into thinking that she has lost weight. When they return, Truffles thinks that she lost weight and calls off the diet. When she went to her room, Mung and his crew begins to shrinks the kitchen back to its normal size but instead, due to Chowder never paying attention to Mung, they ended up making the kitchen very small. So, Truffles sends everyone back on the diet.


Shnitzel: Ooh! Truffles: That's it! I can't eat this slop (to Mung) and it's your fault. You need to make it taste better.

Mung Daal: But this stuff is straight nasty.

Truffles: And I thought I marry the chef not a cry baby. Shnitzel: (pointing at Mung) Ooh!

Mung Daal: Stop doing that.


  • Mung broke the fourth wall by say "Get that camera out of my face" during the close-up
  • Truffles also broke the fourth wall when she said " those dots almost got us for sure"
  • Flibber Flabber is supposed to help you lose weight but Chowder got fatter after eating the flibber flabber. He had to get his emergency big boy shirt