When Truffles' behavior causes giant fruits called Elemelons to go on strike, Mung Daal forces her to solve the problem by staying in their cage for a night. 


Truffles is woken from her sleep by loud noises. She goes downstairs to find out that they came from three Elemelons: Queenie, Princess and Duchess. It is then stated that Mung Daal's Catering has been commissioned to create a dish that requires the juice from an elemelon. However, when Truffles insults the elemelons due the them waking her up, the elemelons go on strike and refuse to be juiced. In order to resolve his problem, Mung Daal has decided to lock Truffles in the cage so that she will be forced to resolve their differences and get the juice. After Truffles uses force (and fails), the Elemelons and Truffles agree to a Ladie's Night, and then proceed to engage in a sequence of stereotypical 'girly' activities (fashion shows, chatting on the telephone etc.) set to equaly girly music. Later that night, Truffles begins to appreciate the Elemelons, and begins to compliment them by calling them swollen. They become angry but then Truffles continues, calling them 'swell ladies'. The Elemelons gladly sigh in relief, and they go to sleep. The next morning, the Elemelons get back to work. Mung is shocked to find that she got along with them - and that Duchess, who was nervous before, managed to hold still. After the Elemelon juice is retreived, Truffles locks the rest of the company in the cage, stating that she and the Elemelons are going shopping.


  • This is the only episode where the Elemelons are in. They are never seen or spoken of again.
  • It was the only episode where truffles was "nice".
  • Truffles shows a softer side of herself in this episode.
  • This is the first time that Mung actually stands up to Truffles, though only for a moment.
  • The recipe from Burple Nurples was seen in this episode.
  • It is unknown how the Elemelons could talk through the phone.
  • Duchess (the green looking sad elemelon)
  • Queenie (The kinda arrogant orange elemelon)
  • Princess (the light orange happy elemelon)

Later in the episode, a strange sequence shows Truffles and the Elemelons using pillows, phones, rollerskates, and having a tea party, all without any explanation, since they were locked in the cage at that time (unless, at that moment, the objects were in the cage).

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