The Dice Cycle is an episode where Chowder wants to ride Mung's Dice Cycle, a bicycle with 8-sided dice instead of wheels, but insteads goes to get thrice cream and let it get runover by snailcars. He is afraid of getting in trouble, so Gazpacho tells him to blame it on Ceviche and Chowder ask if he gets in trouble but Gazpacho says don't worry about since Ceviche is the nicest person in town and Mung will understand. So Chowder blames it on Ceviche. However, Mung gets really angry at Ceviche, Mung yells, "CEVICHE WILL PAY!!! with his life. I'm calling Pate right now. So Pate will give Ceviche the keeble." Chowder says, "No Mung. Don't call." Mung calls Pate but Chowder keeps hanging up the phone until Mung says Ceviche wrecked Chowder's bike and then Chowder fainted. Pate says he can't believe it and Ceviche cries and says he didn't do it, but Mung challenges Chowder and Ceviche to a duel. Chowder fights with a giant spoon and Ceviche fights with dancing. Chowder was crying while fighting Ceviche. Ceviche begs one more time that he's innocent and says if Chowder doesn't believe him than spoon him and make it fast. There, Chowder feels guilty and admits that he's a liar. He spares Ceviche. The crowd throw rotten food at him as Ceviche is declared the winner. Ceviche says "YEAH I WON!" Mung walks up to Chowder and stated that he knew that Chowder broke the Dice Cycle the whole time and will throw the contest. That's why Mung bet that Chowder would lose, and got a brand new 2-seated Dice Cycle. The episode ends with Chowder and Mung riding the bike.


  • The dome that Chowder and Ceviche fight in is a reference to the movie Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome.
  • This is the 5th time that Ceviche has appeared.
  • This is the first time the Ceviche had a bigger part than Panini. Panini did appear, but had no lines.
  • A cameo of Young Mung and Truffles appear in this episode.
  • The first truck that runs over Chowder's Dice-Cycle looks like Chowder is driving it.
  • Ceviche is the protagonist and Chowder is the (unintentional) antagonist in this episode.
  • This episode teaches people what happens when you lie and also what happens when innocent people get blamed for something they didn't do.
  • The person next to young Truffles is rumored to be young Endive before some sort of hideous metamorphosis.
  • The keeble came from the movie 'Max Keeble's Big Move'
  • Chowder is crazy for Thrice Cream in this episode.


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