'The Deadly 'Maze is a episode 28b of the middle season. Mung Daal's old apprentice, Gumbo, traps Chowder in a deadly maze! It aired on June 3, 2009 as part of the Festival of Chowder.



  • Chowder
  • Gumbo
  • Jeffery
  • Minotaur
  • Mung Daal (flashback, later seen)
  • Shnitzel (mentioned)
  • Truffles (mentioned)


While Mung Daal is showing Chowder on how to do the Teddy Bear suprise, Gumbo sets a trap for Chowder using Thrice Cream, Chowder's #1 weakness. He then chases the Thrice Cream sundae into The Deadly Maze. Gumbo shows up, and Chowder thinks Gumbo is his brother, but he isn't. Gumbo said that Chowder entered his Deadly Maze (and said it as if he were echoing). Chowder thought it was funny but Gumbo didn't think the statement, "That was a-maze-ing" is funny.

Then he told Chowder he will be stuck forever while Gumbo will get his revenge on Mung Daal. However, Gumbo relazie he don't remember the way out. Chowder asked Gumbo why he hated Mung so much, Gumbo explain that when he was Mung apprentice, he worked on his first dish: Toiled Egg for weeks. When Mung tasted it, he said it was good but needed more  Kookie Wakky Lamb Spice.  Gumbo get angry since Mung always  critiquing his cooking. As the story ended, Chowder think Gumbo was just overacting until Gumbo brags that he will drown Mung in Kookie Wakky Lamb Spice.

Just walked into one of the traps he set for Chowder, Tickle Vines. Chowder tried to show the way out of the Deadly Maze, but he led Gumbo to 3 traps: a bear trap, a wreaking ball, and a giant mouse trap. Gumbo gives up, and decided to rest, but Chowder always interrupted him from sleeping. While Chowder was "sleeping", he accidentally blew the flames at Gumbo. A scalded Gumbo runs around in circles, due to the pain. After stopping the circle runs, Gumbo then decided to get rid of Chowder, but he barely noticed Jeffrey, the Guardian of the maze. The duo was chased by Jeffrey, and Gumbo got caught in another trap. Due to his distress, he thought Jeffrey was going to hammer him, but instead was disgusted by the Baby Minotaur's appearance and how it danced. Chowder then saved Gumbo and was brought out of the maze, but unexpectedly, the Baby Minotaur was brought out of the maze as well!


  • Chowder and Gumbo could of climb up on the walls to get out of the maze, however, it would render it being useless, for they were in the middle of the deadly maze.
  • Gumbo also makes his second appearence in The Blackout.
  • This is the first episode to make a CG character. Usually, this cartoon had 2d animation, Stop Motion and Puppetery
  • It is implied that neither Chowder or Gumbo were Mung's first apprentice as when Gumbo left he said in an annoyed tone "there goes another one"


  • I'm Gumbo.
  • Ow!
  • Gumbo as a Child
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