One of the unique things about Chowder is that during the end credits, they have a puppet sketch. The sketches usually involve two of the main characters in puppet form, usually making a dish or having a conversation. In the older episodes, it was usually just Puppet versions of Mung and Chowder, and they would usually end with the line "You don't know what you're missin'!" "..If you aren't in the kitchen!" In the later puppet sketches, the line was dropped for more time, and other characters were added, including Shnitzel, Truffles, Gazpacho and Panini.

one example of this was when Chowder tried to guess Gazpacho's password, this one is the only sketch that appears on the UK Cartoon Cartoons block airing of the show.

Other examples include: Chowder invading Truffles' dream about surfing, and Chowder trying to grow a beard for a dish that apparently only a real man can handle.

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