After Chowder finds out that the best chef in the world, Chef Halond Daze is coming to town, he asks Mung Daal to go. Mung just finds the trip boring, but everyone else is dazzled by Chef Halondeze's catch phrase. After Mung realizes that everybody has a catch phrase, he comes up with one of his own, and challenges Chef Halond Daze to a cooking match. However, Mung is no match for Halond Daze's catch phrase, and he makes Mung spill his dish. Mung gets angry and says something bad that Chowder picks up quickly. Chef Halond Daze then puts soap in Chowder and Mung's mouths.


Chowder: All the best chefs have a catch phrase!

Mung: I don't have a catch phrase!

Chowder: All the best chefs have a catch phrase!


  • The Fake Chowder that appears beside Mung is simaliar to Chowder being possessed by Florentine.
  • This is the last episode of Chowder to air in 2008.
  • Chef Hollond Daze's catch phrase is WAZZAM!, a parody of chef Emeril Lagasse's BAM! This possibly means that Holand Daze is a parody of Emeril.
  • Chef Hollond Daze is known as the "Aluminum Chef" which is a parody of the "Iron Chef."
  • According to Chowder, everybody has a catchphrase, excluding Mung Daal which is false because his catchphrase is "Ladies..." It has been used in several episodes of Chowder.
  • Here are everybody's catchphrases used in this episode:
    • Truffles- "What's all the yelling going on here?!" and from off-episode: "Honey, we got an order!"
    • Schnitzel- "Radda." Which is all he says.
    • Fleede- Diddle
    • Sha- Dizzle
    • Chef Holland Daze- "WAZZAM!!!"
    • Gazpacho- "Come. Sit. Buy my beans!"
    • Chowder appeared as an adult when he was seeing the show.

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