Chowder-hold your horses

"Hold your horses!"

When Chowder accidentally (read deliberatly) drinks his Gelato Smoothie too fast he he gets a brain freeze and then gets trapped in his own mind, which froze and has all the characters into different animals. (Mung, Shnitzel, Panini, and Truffles are "Flenguins", Gazpacho is a more naturally correct Woolly Mammoth, and Ms. Endive is a Sea Lion)"Chowder with the help of Flung, Flitzel,Flanini, and Fluffles (Flenguins that look like Mung, Shnitzel, Panini, and Truffles) had to help him escape his mind or he'll be frozen forever. Flazpacho was the judge of the Ice Capading (ice skating) for the coat, Chowder vs. Flendive. Chowder won (because he made a French Poodle on the ice, Flazpacho loves French Poodles). Flendive accidentally broke the ice. She and Flanini fell from the water fall. Chowder got the coat and escaped his brain freeze, but some when how got Flazpacho's coat, it seems like he got Gazpacho.


  • Near the end of the episode, specifically the scene where he takes off his coat, Flazpacho's anatomy morphs back into Gazpacho's, which is evident during every scene after.


Chowder says there's no air conditioning, but in The Hot Date, in a flashback they have air conditioning.

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