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"The Big Hat Biddies"
Season 2, Episode 8a
"Won Ton Bombs"
"The Deadly Maze"
The Big Hat Biddies is the eighth episode of Season 2. In it Truffles and the gang try to impress the Big Hat Biddies so Truffles can join. The episode starts off with Chowder complaining about why he has to wear a suit. Truffles acts extra nice,even saying she could "eat him up", thus scaring Chowder. Chowder asks Mung Daal why Truffles is being annoying and acting so scary. Mung tells Chowder that she has been invited to join the Big Hat Biddies. When the Big Hat Biddies come, everyone has to look good, and wear big, fancy hats. Chowder next exclaims, "Just like the fire department". After Mung Daal exclaims that they talk about lady-things (like complaints about their husbands, and HATS), he next says that they have a huge meal for all the members. Chowder, being the excited kid who loves food, gets dressed a la Looney Toons style, and even makes a joke saying does his butt make his dress look big. After a scene involving Truffles being all "cutesy wutesy", we then cut to the fact that the Big Hat Biddies are outside, thus we have the first appearance of Schnitzel, and Chowder (funnily enough) without his clothes on.

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