"The Belgian Waffle Slobber-Barker" is the 43rd episode along side with "The Apprentice Scouts" of the final season.


The gang makes a dog, but Chowder makes it dangerous for Crazy Fruit.



Gazpacho: (While banging a pot) Crook, Attack Scary!

Chowder: (Nervous)Well, I did add a Crazy Fruit in for extra protection.

Mung: Schnitzel here is going to break in

Schnitzel: radda radda radda radda

Mung: now scary knows only to attack crooks argggghhhhhhhhhhhh

Chowder: and crooked noses to


  • The only appreance of Scary the Dog.
  • The Dog Mumbler is a reference to The Dog Whisperer.  
  • We learn that cat-bear-rabbits can be sensitive to high frequency sounds like those produced from a training whistle. This is seen when his head in pain, as Mung blows harder and harder into the training whistle he bought.
  • The fourth wall was broken when Chowder asks,"Hey, Mung, why do I ask so many questions?" and Mung replies,"Because, Chowder, it's the fastest way to inform our loyal fanbase on what wacky dish we're cookin'." and Chowder looks at the screen an says,"Hi loyal fanbase!".
  • Each time Kiwi says "11 minutes later", Mung says "Boy. That has to be the craziest episode we ever had!"
  • Mung screams like a girl twice .
  • The title for this episode may have been based on the title for the pilot episode
  • Mung and the gang presumably had experienced 2 crazy episodes in this episode.
  • When making Scary it had a similar ref. to the Powerpuff Girls.


Shnitzel holds his pet cat and says cute things like "Yes You Radda". Then Truffles appears seeing Shnitzel and his cat. She says that no one should see this.

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