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"The B.L.T.'s"
Season 2, Episode 10a
"Gazpacho Fights Back"
"The Trouble with Truffles"

The B.L.T's is the thirtieth episode in the second season of Chowder.


Worried that Chowder will not pass the B.L.T's and be unable to be his apprentice anymore, Mung attempts to help him.



Bacon! What! Lettice! What! Tomato! What! - Chowder

Hey Mrs. Unicorn! - Chowder

Hey Chowder! - Unicorn

I'm gonna fail this test. - Chowder

Awesome, do you want my help? - Unicorn

I don't need any help failing, I got this! - Chowder


  • The hairstyle of Mung's little girl costume is similar to the old woman costume he wore in Burple Nurples when he was trying to get the Burple Nurples away from Chowder.
  • In reality, B.L.T really stands for Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato. These are the ingredients to make a BLT sandwich.
  • In one scene, Shnitzel dresses up as a monster resembling a Japanese movie monster from 1954 Godzilla while Truffles dresses up like Mothra. As they got eaten, the real monster sort of had a combination resemblence of Anguirus and Manda
  • Chestnut is the teacher in the BLT test.
  • How is Mung banned from cooking even though Mung is an adult and he already took his B.L.T.s.
  • The B.L.T is a parody of the S.A.T.
  • Mung is in his underwear in this episode again as his second time.
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