The episode starts with Gazpacho running down the sidewalk.

Gazpacho: Sorry I'm late! I had to rush some emergency stretch pants for mother. Don't ask. So,who's ready for some scoutin?

All scouts cheer

Gazpacho: Great. You know, you guys like me as a scout master, right?

Scouts praise Gazpacho

Gazpacho: Thank you. Because, the grown-ups think I'm going a little 'easy' on you. They think I'm a little loose handin' out badges.

Scroll of from Chowder and Panini wearing 13-17 badges to a kid completely covered

Chowder: That's crazy talk, Gazpacho. You're a great scout master.

Gazpacho: Thanks, Chowder. Here's your badge. Hands Chowder a swimming badge

Chowder: Whoa! I'm good at swimming now!

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