Animation sheets for the tastebud.

This article is about the species. If you are looking for the episode, see Taste Buds.

A tastebud is a bipedal creature seen living in Chowder's mouth in the episode, "The Puckerberry Overlords". They can only say the five main types of flavor to communicate (Sweet, sour, bitter, salty, etc.). In the only episode that they appeared in, they were enslaved by the Puckerberries that invaded Chowder's mouth and used to carry carriages made out of different foods and floss in the floss mines. They were freed from slavery at the end of the episode, when Chowder taught the puckerberries and the tastebuds to live together in peace.


  • The five main types of flavor can mean different things when said by the tastebuds:

Sweet: (Possibly) A greeting, such as "hello", or "good morning"
Sour: Refers to the puckerberries
Bitter: Refers the bitter emotion
Salty: N/A
Savory: N/A

  • It is possible that tastebuds live in other people's mouthes.
  • They seem to resemble Shaaks from Star Wars
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