Tangy Tangeroos are fruits that were suggested by a smart Chowder to replace Sliced Fingerdingys in the episode "Brain Grub". They were based on tangerines. No one has ever seen any actual Tangy Tangeroos but in the episode, "Brain Grub." It is one of the many food parodies in Chowder. They are tangy fruit.

Tangy Tangaroos


  • Chowder may have chosen the Tangeroos because they sound more real out of all the foods in the series. Or he might have chosen the Tangeroos because he wanted to make Mung Daal look stupid.
  • Tangy Tangeroos may be one of the future dishes served by Mung Daal's Catering Company.
  • Tangy Tangeroos are based off tangerines, however they resemble peaches.