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Chowder as Luke Skywalker, Panini as Princess Leia, Kimchi as Yoda, Ms.Endive as Jabba the Hutt, Gorganzola as Darth Vader, Mr. Fugu as the Emperor Palpatine, Ceviche as Jabba's rat-thing (aka Salacious B. Crumb)


Mung Daal as Obi-wan, Gazpacho as Han Solo, Shnitzel as Chewbaca, Truffles as R2-D2 and Paté as C-3PO.

Two promising pieces of artwork created by C.H. Greenblatt as a gift to a fellow co-worker, Jay Bastian.


  • It is unknown if this artwork is also meant to foreshadow a possible Star Wars parody episode in the near future.
  • Gazpacho and his mother make a reference to Star Wars in the episode Hands On A Big Mixer.
  • It is rumored that there will be a episode spoof of Star Wars.
  • It is possible there will be a future fan product called "The Dark Side Of Apprenticeship"

a reference to the dark side of the force.


  • Chowder Skywalker
  • Princess Panini Organa
  • Yochi or Koda
  • Endive the Hutt
  • Darth Gorgonzola
  • Emperor Fugu
  • Ceviche B. Crumb
  • Mung Daal Kenobi
  • Gazpacho Solo
  • Chewnitzel
  • R2-Truffles
  • C-3Pate

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