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Sour Ron
Sour Ron
Sour Ron, being evil.
Aliases N/A
Occupation Puckerberry Overlord (formery, not known if he still is)
Age N/A
Affiliations Frank (former servant)

Chowder (former enemy, friend) Sour Wife (wife)

Family N/A
Species Puckerberry (species)
First Appearance "The Puckerberry Overlords"
Last Appearance N/A
Voice actor Corey Burton
Sour Ron is a Puckerberry Overlord who only appeared in "The Puckerberry Overlords." He tried to take over Chowder's mouth but failed when he turned good after Chowder sang the Sweet And Sour song. His right hand man is a Puckerberry Minion named Frank. But, before Chowder had stood up to Sour Ron and has minions, saying it is not sour ron's mouth. When he tried to take over Chowder's mouth, he sent the tastebuds to his floss mines. He is the husband of sour wife.


  • He is a parody for Sauron, the main antagonist of J.R.R. Tolkien's novel, Lord of The Rings. He is also a parody for The Horned King from Disney's The Black Cauldron.
  • His voice actor, Corey Burton, is also known for voicing Shockwave of Transformers.