Mung Daal thinks Chowder is too lazy so he makes him play a game of sniffleball. To Chowder's dismay, Panini and Gorgonzola are also playing. Gazpacho umpires the game.

Sniffle Ball rules

Sniffle ball is much like the game of baseball, except sniffle ball is played with a "Booger ball" instead of a regular baseball. It also has 14 bases insted of 4 and all the bases have their own obstcles. An example is that you must climb a tree to get to a base.




Gorgonzola-Pitcher(nicknamed "The Zinger")/Batboy



  • Gorganzola is first said to be bat boy, and then gets on the mound

as the Zingor to pitch to Chowder

  • There are 13 bases in "Sniffle ball"
  • The Zingor is a slow, ground ball to the plate, the only way to hit it is to take a

golf swing.

  • It is revealed that When Panini kisses Chowder it sometimes causes him emotional pain.

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