Shabu Shabu's Daughter
Shabu Shabu2
Aliases Fish Lady
Occupation Tofu Town Citizen
Age ???
Affiliations Shabu Shabu
Family Shabu Shabu (Father)
Species Fish
First Appearance Tofu Town Showdown
Last Appearance Tofu Town Showdown
Voice actor Candy Milo (English)

Shabu Shabu's Daughter only appeared in Tofu Town Showdown. She is the daughter of Shabu Shabu. It was Shnitzel's job to keep her father safe from the ninjas and Peeking Duck's henchmen. Shnitzel had failed to keep him safe but then Peeking Duck froze him cookie dough and was used to decorate Peeking Duck's wall. Shnitzel was forced to leave by his daughter. In the rest of the episode she gave Shnitzel a second chance to find her dad and save him. In the end Shnitzel returned with her father as a cookie still. (Which Chowder ate and spitted out with Shabu Shabu unfrozen. Then Chowder said "Sorry I just wanted the cookie.")


  • Chowder calls her fish lady, because she's fish like.
  • Chowder mentions her name is Gyoza.

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