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Señorita Mesquite
A crude drawing of Señorita Mesquite.
Aliases Senorita mesquite, Senorita Mesquite
Occupation Dancer for Carlio ca Queso's
Age N/A
Affiliations Shnitzel (lover)

Carlio ca Queso's manager (lover, owner)

Family N/A
Species Robot
First Appearance Weekend at Shnitzel's
Last Appearance N/A
Voice actor Grey Delisle

Señorita Mesquite is a cleverly built animatronic who is designed to look like a mid-20's Spanish woman who sings her trademarked song to entertain kids.


  • Shnitzel has a crush on her and wants her back after the rat who owns Carlito Con Quesos Pizzeria took her away from him at the end of Weekend at Shnitzel's.
  • Chowder's the only one who knows she's fake.
  • Her name, Mesquite, is also a town in Texas, USA. The plant, Mesquite, also has a fruit that grows on it called a legume.
  • there was a new design of her like. a blue flower, green dress, better lips and mouth, and a eletric guitair

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