Señorita Mesquite
A crude drawing of Señorita Mesquite.
Aliases Senorita mesquite, Senorita Mesquite
Occupation Animatronic dancer for Carlito Con Queso's
Age N/A
Affiliations Shnitzel (lover)

Carlito Con Queso's manager (lover, owner)

Family N/A
Species Robot
First Appearance Weekend at Shnitzel's
Last Appearance N/A
Voice actor Grey Delisle

Señorita Mesquite is a cleverly built animatronic who is designed to look like a mid-20's Spanish woman who sings her trademark song to entertain kids.

Her only appearance was in Weekend at Shnitzel's when Chowder made Shnitzel take him to Carlito con Queso's where the rock monster ended up falling in love with her.


  • Shnitzel has a crush on her and wants her back after the rat who owns Carlito con Queso's Pizzeria took her away from him at the end of Weekend at Shnitzel's.
  • Chowder is the only one who knows she's fake.
  • Her name, Mesquite, is also the name of a genus of small leguminous trees. Mesquites are native to Mexico and the southwestern United States.

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