Scraps is a turtle. He is Chowder's apprentice in the episode "Chowder Grows Up," which is the final episode of the series. He is very cowardly until Chowder showed trust in him and unlike the other apprentices wasn't rejected. It is possible that he grows up to be a great chef like Chowder, and take over Mung's kitchen (which Chowder owns in the finale episode "Chowder Grows Up"). He wears purple underwear. He is very shy and kind but not very strong and is loved by Chowder's babies.



  • Scraps is the only known turtle in box.
  • His design is a play on box turtles.
  • Unlike Chowder, Scraps is shown to have less of an "appreciation" towards food.
  • The Panchowbies appeared to have taken a quick liking to Scraps.

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