Rosemary with her guard up.
Aliases "Meanie"
Occupation Chirosmacter
Age N/A
Affiliations Shnitzel, Chowder
Family N/A
Species Chicken
First Appearance Gazpacho Fights Back
Last Appearance The Chain Recipe
Voice actor Candi Milo
Rosemary is a large bird-like creature. She has an ill temper and will quickly resort to violence when provoked. Although initially she steals from and appears to hate Gazpacho she reveals later on that she actually thinks he's attractive.

Chowder and Gazpacho became "imaginary-superheroes" and "defeated" her by making so much noise that she never stole from Gazpacho again.

In the end of the episode Gazpacho Fights Back Rosemary says that the only reason she was messing with Gazpacho is because she thought he was pretty attractive and that his lips were very attractive, because she doesn't have any.


  • She, for some reason, she thinks Gazpacho is attractive.
    • She's stated that it's mostly for his lips, since she doesn't have any.
  • She is a "chiropractor" or "chirosmacter".
  • She first appeared in Gazpacho Fights Back, and she also appeared in The Chain Recipe.
  • She is one of the only characters to be taller or the same height as Schnitzel
  • Rosemary is named after rosemary, a type of herb.
  • She is stronger than Schnitzel.


(To Mung Daal) "Oh now you all out of whack again GIMME IT"!

(To Shnitzel) "Look what you did. You got rock all over my pretty dress, Now you've made me angry"!

(To Gazpacho and Chowder) "WHAT ARE YOU WEIRDOS DOING"!

(To Gazpacho and Chowder) "Okay y'all gotta cut it out. I don't know your strategy, but y'all making me feel uncomfortable".

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