Queen Meach
Queen Meach

Queen Meach on a tree.
Aliases Mince Meach Pie
Occupation Queen, now killed and turned into a pie
Age N/A
Affiliations Mung Daal (eaten by) Fat man (eaten by)
Family N/A
Species Meach
First Appearance The Meach Harvest
Last Appearance N/A
Voice actor N/A

Queen Meach is a sweet Meach who appeared in the episode The Meach Harvest. She is the only kind of meach that can be made into a Minch Meach Pie. Though the pie is delicious, eating her results in being attacked by meaches "every day for 25 years" as Mung Daal states it.

Real-World References

  • This could be a direct parody of "Princess Peach" as the name states.
  • Mince meach pie is a parody of peach pie and minced meat pie.

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