Souffle, Hooray!


Powder was the replacement apprentice of Mung Daal's in The Fire Breather after Chowder ran away to live with dragons. He's a dog-like creature that has the same clothes as Gumbo although his hat has three points instead of two. Also he has the same clothing pattern like Chowder does but it is in red and he always goes bare foot. Mung kicked him off screen when Chowder returned, and what became of him is unknown. He is voiced by Jeff Bennett.


  • He sounds like and has a similar appearance to Droopy the dog, as they both are anthropomorphic, have droopy faces, tails that lie across the ground in the same shape, and speak in a jowly monotone.
  • He has one line, see above.
  • What happened to him is unknown.
  • Maybe someone found Powder and used him as an apprentice.