A haunted flurkey dish.

You're saying that since this flurkey dish was never eaten, left to r-r-r-r-rot here behind the r-r-r-r-radiator, that it went BAD? So bad that it became... EVIL!?

Mung Daal to Shnitzel after suggesting the abandoned flurkey dish might be haunted, "The Poultry Geist"

A poultrygeist is a ghost that spawns from abandoned and rotten poultry dishes. They seek to enact revenge upon those who allowed them to rot away. Any cooked poultry can become a poultrygeist.

Poultrygeist entry

The Snackronomicon entry on Poultrygeists.

In "The Poultry Geist", Florentine, a flurkey dish that was abandoned behind the radiator by Mung Daal for years, became a poultrygeist that possessed Chowder and proceeded to wreak havoc upon the kitchen as revenge.

Poultrygeists are able to affect the surrounding area they may be in, as seen when objects began flying around the room haphazardly, however, its seems that, unless the ghost finds a body to possess, it will be left unable to speak or move from its current position.

Effects on Mortals

And now he's doing the bootsie roll! I haven't seen that dance in years!

—Mung doing a play-by-play of Chowder being possessed, "The Poultry Geist"

A mortal possessed by a poultrygeist can exhibit various symptoms. In Chowder's case, he began making bird noises followed by his head spinning, then his arms. He then began to do the Bootsie Roll and started twirling his finger before finally being completely overtaken.


  • Poultrygeists are a parody of poltergeists. They are reportedly able to possess others and cause physical disturbances within the mortal realm, such as throwing objects around a room.

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