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Occupation Detective for the Marzipan City Police Department
Age 9
Affiliations Kimchi (possibly friend)

Chowder (at first enemy, now friend) Possibly Sergant Hogey and the other police men and women

Family Unknown
Species Cat/Bear/Rabbit
First Appearance My Big Fat Stinky Wedding
Voice actor Jeremy Shada
Porridge is a character that is of the same species as Chowder and looks much like him, but with glasses; he is also lavender pink with blue clothes. He lives with Kimchi's family in the swamp. Porridge made his appearance in My Big Fat Stinky Wedding to arrange a marriage for Kimchi. He hates Chowder's guts and thinks Chowder's hat is weird despite having one just like his however its shown in the end of the episode its shown he actually likes him and was a secret detective and was serving under Kimchi's family.


Later in My Big Fat Stinky Wedding, it is revealed that Porrige is a undercover detective for the Marzipan City Police Department. He was trying to catch Robert Limburger, who was a criminal trying to pass as as a bride for unsuspecting grooms. Porridge caught the criminal and took him to jail, which means that he really didn't hate Chowder.


  • He's also called Detective Porridge.
  • He is the 6th Cat/Bear/Rabbit shown in Chowder.
  • He's the second character beside Gorgonzola, who is jealous and resents Chowder. However he only pretended to so Porridge actually doesn't resent Chowder.
  • He is voiced by Jeremy Shada, better known as Finn in Adventure Time. Though, Porridge may be the Chowder version of Finn.
  • He may be related to Chowder.
  • Porridge is named after oatmeal and is mostly known by that name in Europe, which is possibly why Porridge has a British accent.
  • He somewhat resembles Simon from Alvin and the Chipmunks because he wears glasses and wears blue clothes.
  • He lives inside the mouth of an alligator, which is erroneously referred to as a crocodile.
  • He should've been Chowder's ALT Costume in Punch Time Explosion XL.
  • His voice actor, Jeremy Shada, soon became the regular voice of Finn from Adventure Time.

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