Porridge, also known as Detective Porridge, is a cat/bear/rabbit who works for the Marzipan City Police Department. He appeared in "My Big Fat Stinky Wedding" as an undercover detective posing as a "foreign-exchange apprentice". He claimed to be living with Kimchi's family in the swamp.

He had help organize an arranged marriage for Kimchi in order to get close enough to criminal Robert Limburger, disguised as Kimchi's bride-to-be, in order to take him in. Kimchi's entire family, sans Chowder and himself, were in on the plan.

Before Porridge revealed his true identity, he appeared to not be very fond of Chowder as he would frequently doubt his legitimacy and insult him. He only behaved this way towards him as to not ruin the plan.


Porridge has a very similar appearance to Chowder, in which he has the same skin color, a notable tooth that sticks from his upper jaw, and a similar hat that's blue. He also wears a pair of glasses to aid his vision.

He's seen wearing a jacket with an undershirt, jeans, and a jabot. All of his clothing is based around the color blue.


  • He's also called Detective Porridge.
  • He is the 6th cat-bear-rabbit hybrid shown in Chowder.
  • He is voiced by Jeremy Shada, who is most known as the voice of Finn from Adventure Time.
  • Porridge is named after oatmeal and is mostly known by that name in Europe, which is possibly why Porridge has a British accent.
  • He somewhat resembles Simon from Alvin and the Chipmunks as he wears glasses and blue clothing.
  • He lived inside the mouth of an alligator, which is erroneously referred to as a crocodile.