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Pickle in a Cup
Ridiculously Easy

Pickle in a Cup is the simplest recipe in Mung's cookbook, and was in fact the first thing he, and probably every other chef, learned. While Chowder and Mung were looking for a suitable recipe for Chowder to make on his own, Chowder finds a very complex recipe very unsuitable for him. Mung suggests he should try making Pickle in a Cup instead. It is probably the shortest and easiest recipe in the book.


You will need

  • Pickle
  • Cup


  1. Take out the Pickle and the Cup.
  2. Place the Pickle inside the Cup.
  3. Serve and enjoy :)


  • This recipe was seen in the episode The Elemelons in the cookbook, as well as Burple Nurples
  • Mung wanted Chowder to make this dish as his first recipe on his own.
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