Peeking Duck

Peeking Duck!

Peeking Duck is based on the real-life dish Peking Duck. He is the leader of the Teriyaki Triads, enemy of Shabu Shabu and everyone else in Tofu Town, and Schnitzel because when Schnitzel tried to protect Shabu Shabu, Peking Duck bit his baloney sword in half. Peking Duck had Shabu Shabu frozen in fortune cookie batter, and when he fought Schnitzel again, he was knocked into fortune cookie batter and frozen, and Shabu Shabu was rescued. Peking Duck's mouth does not stay in time with his words on purpose, becuase in most English dubs of Asian, Chinese, and Japanese style, people's mouths do not match their words.


  • Baloney Sword
  • Buffet of Doom
  • Fortune Cookie Batter
  • Teriyaki Triad Gang


  • He resembles Vegeta from Dragon Ball.
  • His name is a play on Peking Duck, which is a style of cooked duck that originated in China.
  • When Peeking Duck speaks, his mouth doesn't match up with his words, and there seems to be a lag. This is a parody of poorly dubbed Asian films and shows, where similar occurances tend to happen.

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