Weird scene


Gorgonzola somehow has a grudge against Panini, who feels the same way, likely because Gorgonzola is considered mean, "like a villain or something!", due to him disliking Chowder, while Panini crushes on him.


In this episode, Panini is up to bat in a game of sniffleball. Gorgonzola, who is the pitcher, tells Panini that she would be an easy out. Panini yells out,"What did you say!?!" then angrily hits the ball which pounds Gorgonzola. However, Gorganzola later defeats her own team by hitting Chowder with a sniffleball.

Panini For President 

Panini runs for head of the apprentice's society just to have the right to marry Chowder. Although Chowder and Gorgonzola disagree, so they both run against her. During the debate, Gorgonzola pours mud all over Panini. After a huge mud fight ends, Panini states that Chowder should not join forces with Gorgonzola, stating that he's a villan.

Hey, Hey, It's Knishmas

Panini, Chowder, Gorgonzola were disguised as Knish Krinkle to get Mung's schmingerbread house. But the REAL Kinish Kringle comes and notices them. Angry and confused, he kicks Gorgonzola, who thinks Chowder did it so he kicks Panini, telling her to "Pass it on," because it was meant for Chowder, she becomes uncontrollably mad at Gorgonzola and starts beating him up nonstop. When Chowder tells them to calm down, Panini stops beating Gorgonzola. But then she angrily whispers to Gorgonzola that, "I'm watching you!" as a threat.

Dinner Theater

The players of Gorgonzola and Ceviche explain that they don't like Chowder. This may be the fact of Gorgonzola that causes Panini's dislikeness of him. He also appears to pick on Ceviche.

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